David the Giant

Eleven long years David had worked in England with the plan of saving money towards owning a hotel in Accra. When finally three years ago he returned to Ghana,

he admired his hotel but came to realize it was not legally his property as a familymember had registered it on his own name. Cheated! David started drinking and did not stop for three years. Then one evening in December 2017 he went to Sala and said : give me a plate of food. Sala gave him to eat and David told her he would stop drinking the next morning, could she help? The next morning when the Clear Mind Shop opened, he went to sit on a bench in the back, clenched his teeth and trembled and sweated for a few days while sitting there. Then he begun to smile and ask for work. What work? We had the shop to paint and so he painted the shop. Beautifully. And other work? Mr. Baffo had some constructionwork here and there so he carried water and mixed cement while Sala gave him his meals. Whereever David showed up their was laugtger because David turned out to be a jolly guy. Who owned nothing. Clear Mind sat together about ‘what can David do’ and bought a taxi-motorbike for him to use as taxi. David became a succesful taxidriver and began to pay the motorbike back in monthly installments. By august that we write this he had paid over half of the investment back.

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