Clear Mind Worker’s Union

With 8 residents, or workers as they prefer to call themselves, it was time to erect a workersunion. Kwame is chairman. His aim is to bring people together, live more lovingly, get the workingconditions right and organize sports and social events. We look forward to the results of the first worker meeting taking place on june 15, 2021.

A father

The Clear Mind Foundation has a father. His family still lives in Accra but last weekend our father, mr. George Kumih Kyeremeh, visited up country to extensively meet the people and the project. The outcome was a magic boost of new light and energy. Thank you George. Untill the next visit.

Carwash in Action Day 1

A huge effort but the day finally arrived where the Clear Mind Carwash was put into action! The local FM announced it: “On 1st and 2nd August everybody can use the carwash for free.” Over one hundred vehicles reported each day and the joy and pride was profound! Since there has been a steady stream of mainly taxi’s waiting for their bath. Hurray another employment project in action!

Covid 19 Mask News

Clear Mind Mondkapjes

Mondkapjes worden nu echt nodig. De vrijwilligers van Stichting Clear Mind maken de leukste mondkapjes tegen de beste prijzen. 100% gaat naar het project verslavingszorg en beschermd wonen/werken in Ghana. Te koop in de vintage winkel “All Labels”, Stationsweg 55, Den Haag voor slechts 3 euro. Ook te bestellen voor 4 euro door mailen of via de webshop van Driedubbel voordeel: super goedkoop, super apart en voor een super goed doel.