Abena in Rehab.

Abena and the baby of her sister reside with Patricia in the house in town which we had just rented for the purpose of rehabilitation of our clients. Abena is the first to be in this house, under the care of Patricia.
She succeeds to stay away from drink and maybe for the first time of her short life she is proud of herself. Abena shows interest in becoming a weaver and her loom is ready for her. Abena loves her clear mind and the control over her life. Then suddenly the blissful episode ends sadly with her disappearance. Very tragically she is found alone and deceased in the house of a boyfriend who had pulled her back into the old lifestyle. Died probably secondary to an alcoholic binge drinking spell. But still, so proud that Abena made a positive change in her life and knew it and believed in herself till…things changed. Bless you, Abena.

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