Mr. Fosu Departed

This month we heard that Mr.Fosu died. He recovered from addiction during 5 years. A succes story. Mr. Fosu died from complications of concurrent diabetes. So sorry, so sorry. Our condolances to family and friends. We came to love him dearly.

Mr. Fosu spent a year at Clear Mind to gather himself and his business together, before returning to his hometown to re-open his tailorshop in 2017. He was succesful in his business as well as in reconnecting with his family. Mr.Fosu was the person our team pointed to when clients came to complain about the hardship of recovering from an addiction. “He did it, go and visit him and talk with him!” And many did. Farewell, dear Mr.Fosu, send some light to the world please, especially now that Corona is an unwanted visitor in Ghana too.

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