Clear Mind Shea Butter Lip Cream

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Pure and unrefined, a product from Clear Mind Ghana.
Shea butter is made from the Nut of the African Shea tree. It contains a rich amount of superior irremovable fatty acids, crucial to rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin. Shea butter provides the skin with Vitamin A, E and F. It stimulates cellular activity, fights the effects of aging and repairs rough, damaged skin



Beneficial for: Dry skin, rash, blemishes and wrinkles. Itching skin, sunburn, small skin wounds, wrinkles and skin cracks. Tough or rough skin (Feet, Elbow), Cold weather, Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy, Insect bites. Healthier skin. Muscle fatigue aches and tension. Skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak. Eczema, dermatitis. Skin damage from heat, burns, dry weather. Apply cream once or twice a day, preferably after bath.33


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