Support Clear Mind 2021 Development Plans

In the long term we need improvement of our communication about our vision and services we offer.
So in 2021 we envisage owning a local FM radio-station in NKoranza-town. This will provide Clear Mind with a perfect channel to raise further public awareness and will become a small business providing livelihood for marginalized persons and the project itself.

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Support Clear Mind 2020 Development Plan

We would like to get a safe and clean water-supply (borehole) on the farm.
At the car wash 4 rooms will be constructed for 8 persons to live with a house father.
On the farm we plan a small house where the supervisor of the farm will live.
We like to build the detox/rehab center for recovering alcoholics on the farm. Recovering on the land and the availability of farm work will be healing factors, away from the city.

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